Appliance Delivery during COVID-19

To our valued guests,

As the current situation in our world continues to unfold, health and safety of our customers, delivery teams and communities is of the utmost importance. We are committed to keeping you informed of how we’re making changes in response to this unprecedented time.


Important Changes to Delivery Services

Delivery timeframe

Large Appliances

Due to the current situation, deliveries may take up to 8 weeks to be completed after the order is placed. Our delivery team will contact you to let you know an approximate date for delivery upon receipt of your order. Your patience and understanding will be most appreciated.

Tabletop Appliances

Tabletop appliances will be delivered within 4 weeks after the order is placed.

Threshold Delivery

  • Currently our preference is to deliver all items in accordance to the policy below:
  • Freestanding home or townhome – deliveries will be made to front door/porch or garage.
  • Apartment or condominium – deliveries will be made to building front door, lobby or parkade.
  • However, CARE recognizes extraordinary circumstances where requests may be made for inside home delivery. This can ONLY be completed once it is deemed safe to do so and only when absolutely necessary. 
  • For those customers who wish to reschedule any deliveries to a later date, we are happy to accommodate that request.


• We are unable to complete installation and assembly during your delivery at this time.


• Our team will record the name of the individual receiving the order on a consent form and their signature as proof of delivery. 

Contact Free Delivery

• As a safety measure, we will be contacting every customer prior to delivery. We will ask questions like if anyone in the household is sick, or has just returned from travel, in which case we will make alternate arrangements.

 All parties are encouraged to wear masks and practice "social distancing" of 2 meters during the delivery. We are practicing being contact free until further notice. After the team leaves, the customer is encouraged to please clean all products and surfaces as an added precaution.

Removals / Haulaways

• If needed, our delivery agents can remove items from your home on the day of your delivery. Please ensure all appliances that are to be removed are empty, clean and sanitized prior to pickup. 

All of our delivery team members are closely following Public Health Ontario's and the Government of Canada's recommendations for infection prevention (see

Thank you in advance for helping us to keep our communities healthy.