Welcome to the heart of CARE’s collaboration with Canada Helps.org for CARE-ITY, where every purchase propels positive change. Since 2017, CARE has thrived in the realm of B2B and B2C markets, now extending its reach through a fruitful partnership with Canada Helps.org. 
Together, we champion sustainability and community welfare, providing ENERGY STAR appliances and other eco-friendly solutions to government programs across Ontario.

In this unique partnership, customers not only upgrade their homes but also uplift communities in need. Explore our array of quality appliances at CARE, seamlessly transition to Canada Helps.org to make a donation, and receive instant tax receipts. Submit the receipt to CARE and unlock exclusive discount codes for your purchase—a win-win for your home and humanity.

But the impact doesn't stop there. By choosing CARE-ITY and Canada Helps.org, you catalyze a ripple effect of generosity. Revenue generated flows back to charities and CARE, amplifying visibility and donations for Canadian causes. Experience the joy of direct engagement with charities, knowing your purchase!


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